Back to the drawing board

Day 95

Today was all about planning and working on a strategy to get myself fit and start running again. Some three months ago i had decided to start running and now in these three months i find myself injured for the second time. So, i thought maybe it was time for me to get back to the drawing board and work on a plan.

My plans mainly include the basic stuffs again but most importantly i have identified key issues. The first is a schedule for my runs- i have not had one so far and have just run 3 miles most days and 5 miles on weekends. But i have drafted a running plan for the next 16 weeks and see what happens from there. The plan was drafted after a brief but informative research based on other runner’s experience.

The other thing i am looking forward to doing is changing my shoes. I think it is time now to get myself the some great runners shoes. I have so far been avoiding them thinking it was not the right time as i did not consider myself serious runner, yet. But i think i am one now and it is time i spent on good pair of running shoes.

For now, i wait for myself to get fit again and carry out the plans i have set for myself.


Injured again…

Day 94

Its been couple of days since my last post – mainly because i have not run. And the reason behind me not running is i have suffered another injury to the foot. And it has gone particularly well with me. And since i have not run i did not want to scribble my thoughts in here as well. I initially had thought i would write about my injury after i figured what caused it but it took me about three days to figure out what it was.

Remember me talking about my injury in my last post – i thought it would go and tried to walk it off on Sunday as well. But the pain got worse so the first thing i did on Monday was go see a doctor. I got X-ray done and it showed no fracture which was a good news. But unfortunately due to Mahasivaratri festival the OPD doctors were not in which meant i could not get details on my injury. I had to then wait till the next day to see a doctor. On Tuesday, the doctor again confirmed that there was no broken bones but it could be an infection and so i had to go through couple of tests and had to wait until Wednesday morning for a confirmation that it was not an infection either. The good news again was i had no infection or a fracture but the bad news was the pain was right there and i had no clue so as to what was causing it. And then towards the afternoon on Wednesday i was told by the doctor that my Uric acid (whatever that is) was a bit on the high. It was still in the normal range but just on the higher side of normalcy. As a result of which i have a condition of Synovitis– which is as wiki says the medical term for inflammation of the synovial membrane

So,right now i have been told by the doctor to rest about a week and have been prescribed with medications. I hope to be up and running soon- all the best to me.  

Five miles and a potential injury

Day 93

There is no better way to start the weekend then with some running and that’s exactly how i started this weekend. Got up early and was refreshed the legs well rested and i was up for it – mentally and physically. I wanted to do a five mile run as i have done on previous Saturday’s. But then it had almost been about a month since i last did a five mile.

So, i thought i would take it easy and see how much i could do. Three miles was my intended distance but anything more than that would be a bonus- anything below that was not an option. And i headed out and as i began running i just knew i wanted to do a five mile and no less. It just felt that anything less than a five mile was no longer an option. I agreed with myself that i would really focus much on the timing for this run but more on the distance. And that is exactly what i did for the entire run – i did not check my watch until the end of the run.

I initially thought it would be difficult for me to complete the five miles because it had been a while since i had got a consistent running session for the past month. But to my surprise, though difficult i had a lot in the tank and i pushed on. As i neared the five miles the legs did hurt a bit – i could feel the pain surge through my left knee and i wanted to stop. But five miles was so close that i did not want to and i ran slowly to my goal.

I had done it – another five miles in my collection and as i checked my watch i was delighted even more to see i had done it well under an hour. Fifty five minutes to be precise and given the fact that i actually almost limped by last two kilometers or so (could have been just a kilometer) i think i could have done it in the lower 50’s. This was a massive boost for my confidence and it called for a celebration to which i duly obliged by banging my chest with the fist (Djokovic like or say gorilla like ).

I decided then it was time to hit the gym just get the regular physicals and then head home. I made sure i hydrated myself before i started the physicals. And couple of sets of push-ups, sit-ups and squats and i was on my way back home. A morning well spent and then the right sole felt the pain as i walked. I first thought it was nothing and tried to walk if off but the pain persisted. Am i injured again? If the pain persists i need to see a doctor

Why did i not run?

Day 92

Don’t want this post to be an excuse galore but the reasons for me not running is, what it is. I had to wake up very early yesterday for one of my mates’ wedding. The wedding procession began very early – 5 am to be precise and there was no way i could manage to run. If i wanted to be too hard on myself i could say – that i could have run while going to his house on during the wedding procession when the groom was going to the bride’s place. But, that would be too harsh on me and i don’t want to be too harsh on myself.

The wedding got me worked up though and physically i felt the exhaustion as i came back home after the wedding. And i just could not power myself out of the bed this morning. I might again be hard on myself and say – Maybe i lacked the motivation and i did not push myself enough. But, then again i don’t want to do that. I gave it my best to wake up but was not able to. And sometimes it just is wise enough to accept that. 

Tomorrow is a big day though. Looking forward to it. 

Cycling session

Day 91

I was back to waking up early today and was ready for my early morning running session. But i had to change my plans and had to cycle instead because i needed to pick work documents from a friend. I chose to cycle as i also had to carry a backpack and running with a backup would be rather uneasy – so i cycled. I covered a fair distance and cycled for almost an hour during time i also collected the documents. 

All in all it was a great cycling session followed by a gym session. Today’s session included Chest and Triceps and it really worked me up. My favorite moments during the gym session are the physical workouts rather than the weights. I love doing sit-ups and i want to just keep doing it. But soon the abs hurt and i have to give it up :P. 

So looking forward to the days that have yet to unfold. 

Going again

Day 90

The last month has been kinda slow and i have not put in as much running sessions as i would have liked. As a result of which the number of posts have also dwindled but with the new month time to change all of that and start running again and updating daily as well.

The last month though i have not run i cannot say i have not been active. I have not really slacked as i have been going to the gym everyday and cycling almost everyday more than 10 miles a day. However, in terms of running session and sticking to the goals i have set for myself i have slacked just a bit. But, really i don’t want to  brood too much over what i did last month and want to put in a good session tomorrow and for the days to come.

Today started on a bright note as i got back to waking up early and put in a good running shift. Hoping to put in similar and better shifts is the days to come. (Pat on the back)

Tired limbs

Day 89

The gym sessions are certainly taking its toll on the body. Yesterdays leg day and today’s cardio sessions have worked me up and i the limbs hurt. Both the legs and the hands hurt bad.

The arms have it worse – the legs i believe were in a better shape as i have been running. So, the legs aren’t hurting as much but the arms especially the biceps region feels – ahhhhhhh.

I am really looking forward to running tomorrow. So, gotta keep up the motivation going. 

Haven’t been updating lately

Day 88

It occurred to me that i haven’t been updating my blogs lately – and as much as i want to i want to face the chin music and must say i haven’t been running as much as i would want. Having said that this week i have run and cannot say i have slacked off. But since so much of this blog was about running and since i have not done much of it – i wonder often if i should even update. 

One reason for my decline in running is because i joined the gym about a week ago. The first week was easy and so i did run in the morning. This week though has been tough as i have been doing weights as well as instructed by my fitness trainer. And so in between my fitness regime and cycling during the day i feel too tired to run in the morning. Not using this as an excuse but my body does feel overworked. I still feel like i should run because i just feel so amazingly free when doing so. And not running feels like something missing from the day. But i can say this for sure i will get back to running again once the body starts adapting to the daily gym routines. 

Oh! and Saturday run is definitely on….5 miles…oh yes..

This is how it should be

Day 87

At the end of it all , today can be summed up in just one word “AMAZING”. I pretty much exhausted myself with the gym session, the cycling during the day and an unplanned running session towards the evening. All of this and a great time with friends made it a day as stated above. 

It started off like any other day – i woke up and headed down to the gym. I did not have an early morning running session and so i had a 15 minutes of cycling and treadmill session followed by other exercises. Upon returning home and having my lunch it was time to cycle and overall i cycled more than five miles during the day. 

But the unplanned running session was the cherry on the top in what was already a great day. I was supposed to cycle back home but unexpected turn of events gave me the opportunity to run while a sister of mine took the chance to ride the cycle back home. And this unscheduled running was just what the doctor ordered and at the end of it all , as i sit down i can reflect and say it has been a great great day.

Cheers to many more such amazing days that awaits me.


Day 86

Recently i have been constantly getting the feeling of being dehydrated and the reason for this is pretty obvious – i have not been drinking enough water. Yesterday i cycled for more than 10 miles but i hardly drank any water which left me very thirsty as i woke up this morning. This has been the case for a long time now and i have not been drinking enough water. I have been hitting the gym lately which is adding to the exhaustion and leaving me dehydrated even more.

And, so it was time to get to the bottom of this and address this problem – my research on how much water i needed to drink brought me to a conclusion that i needed to drink more than 2 liters a day ( i have hardly been drinking a liter). Thus it has been decided that i have to keep reminding myself to drink enough water- which is what i did today.